Amber & Dave | Yorktown Engagement Session

Amber and Dave are dear friends to one of my 2016 couples and attended their wedding that I was working. They reached out to me a little while back about their wedding happening next May and once they told me they’d be having it in the mountains at a brewery, I was ecstatic! They work so well together and are certainly one of the most laid back couples I have had the pleasure of working with!

:Here’s their story:

“We sort of met through a mutual friend, Meagan. She tried to get me to talk to this guy who her fiancé was really good friends with…I said nah .. not right now..

Two weeks later, someone messaged me on Facebook, we were mutual friends on Facebook and I have no idea how or when that happened. And obviously neither did he because he asked if we knew each other.. I quickly said no..sorry I don’t know how we are friends on here, must be an accident somehow. The only friend in common was Meagan but we had never met through her at this point.. so I tried to go about my day. But we kept messaging each other.


The next day I asked Meagan if she knew who this Dave guy was because he messaged me and we’ve been talking since. She was the only connection. She was so excited and told me that Dave was the guy she was trying to set me up with two weeks prior.. she promised she DID NOT say anything to him and this WAS just a huge coincidence. .. so I made sure he wasn’t a stalker. Lol .  So for the next few weeks we talked and talked and really got to know each other. So we decided to finally meet. We met at a local tiki bar and watched the sunset. And then of course he was hooked.  ;P

After almost two years we merged our two families, his husky Riley, and my pittbull Barrett.. and made a little family. ”

No, I didn’t miss focus…do you spy that little lady? ^^

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