What to Wear | Engagement Sessions: New Series for Brides

Friday is officially here which marks another shout out to my future brides and potential couples! Today I am going to help you choose what the best outfit options are for engagement photos and what to avoid. After all, this is the part of your wedding planning process that is fun and all about showing off a little preview of the big day to come!


    1. “Matching” doesn’t and shouldn’t mean wearing the same exact color or outfit. Remember, you don’t want to look like you’re getting family portraits done at JC Penny’s. You want to compliment each other without blending into one color blob when taking a cute photo cuddling up to one another.
    2. Bring a second outfit! Most of my couples have two outfits, which I encourage, so that they can feel both relaxed and yet still have a more formal set of photos for save the dates. I am an adventurer so often I put my couples in fields, beachy waters and other fun locations to set them apart from other typical photos sessions.
    3. There’s nothing wrong with patterns and textures! In fact, most guys tend to wear plaid (a person favorite of mine) or ladies love wearing stripes. Just make sure if one is in pattern the other is staying more neutral to compliment. When wearing plaid, the bigger the better. Smaller tends to strain the eye when looking at photos and takes away from the moment.

  1. Accessorize! Girls, you feel me here right?! I’m talking jewelry, scarves, sun hats, etc. Whatever you love, I want it apart of your session. Bring out your personality by adding a pop of color or a piece that makes you feel you should be in a magazine. For the guys let’s add a nice watch, complete your shorts or pants with a fashion belt or heck, add some suspenders to stand out from the rest. Show me whatcha got!
  2. Guys, t-shirts and v-necks are okay! This is where that relaxed second outfit come into play. Pair these with a nice pair of shorts in colors that will compliment your partners outfit. Sometimes simple works!
  3. Let your weirdness shine! I get it, not everyone is into heels and bright colors. I truly want each of my couples to express their interests even if that means you both show up in kilts or a t-rex costume. This is your day and I am here to show it off for you. Let’s have some fun!

Chelsea and Daniel (above) announcing during their engagement session that their wedding will be in MEXICO! So fun!

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