Editing Services

one – on – one service to better your workflow

Let me guess. You didn’t become a photographer so that you could spend hours behind a screen editing, did you?

While editing is an important aspect of the photography process, it often isn’t the first thing photographers rave about. As a photographer myself, I understand it can be time consuming and might even be the task you dislike the most. Maybe it cuts into that window of time you devote to playing with your kids or just sitting down with your drink of choice to binge watch Netflix at the end of a long day.

After a wedding or photoshoot, the endorphins are high. The event and day has passed, the memories were captured…now what?

Here’s where my editing services come in.

Working with me will not only give you your time back, but it will allow you to focus on the aspects you love most about photography. It allows you to stay focused on those sweet kisses captured between two lovebirds or the precious snuggles between a mother and her baby. Whatever the reason is that you fell in love with photography in the first place, outsourcing your editing can help you get back to that.

Focus on what you do best. Let me handle the rest! I’ll handle combing through your images, editing them to your desired look, and giving you back a gallery that you can pass onto your clients proudly. The thing is, we all need a set of extra hands sometimes. Until science gives us the opportunity to do that, take advantage of outsourcing the task you dislike most when it comes to your business.

While I primarily work in the light and airy editing world, I’m also able to go a little moody and match the style you anticipated. I am able to accomplish heavy edits in Photoshop and make sure your photos reflect the love that went into shooting them.

I understand the weight of the decision to choose to outsource a talent you’ve worked so hard to perfect. My editing doesn’t take away from your photography skills, but rather enhances them. My editing allows you to focus on the parts of photography you like most. It frees up your time when you took on just one too many photoshoots (trust me, I get it), or when you just didn’t anticipate the demand.

My high-quality editing offers you those extra hands you need.

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Before After
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basic edits include:

$0.32/image no minimum

straightening / crop / sharpen

color correction


while balance 

Turn around time

5-7 days for weddings

2-3 days for sessions

Rush fee – jump the line

100% price increase


A culling fee of $0.10/image is required if editing is not needed

$50 per wedding & $20 per session when editing services are selected

Advanced Editing Needs: 

*starting at

$5/image for editing to include but not limited to

head swaps

blemish removal


How it works: Once you edit your anchor images, you will then export as a catalog for me to work off of. You will simply send your preview catalog through dropbox where I will work on it and match your style and brand. Once I’m finished, I will send it back and from there, off to your clients! It’s that easy!


Think we’d make a great team? Me too! Don’t hesitate to get in touch today via my “contact” page.


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